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Thread: Nova Jeepers Flag Pole Run

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    Default Nova Jeepers Flag Pole Run

    A few of us, (Me, Debbie, Travis, and I believe Sgt Kersh) Are joining NovaJeepers on a Flag Pole Run Sunday, If anyone else is interested...

    2015 JK Unlimited Sahara (Wife's True Mall Crawler)
    2008 JK Unlimited (Wheeler/Daily Driver)
    1999 TJ (Wheeler/Driver)
    1990 SJ (Wheeler)
    1989 XJ (Plow Truck)
    1980 Scout II Traveler (Under Going SLOW full frame off Resto-Mod)
    1976 Scout II Terra (Bone Stock Driver)
    1972 Scout II (Cheap Truck)

    Binder Planet

    Rock Crawlers for the Presrvation of Future Access
    Central Virginia Jeepers

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    Wish I could but I'm putting seats and doing some other odd jobs on the ChevYota this weekend.
    Besides I haven't even looked at the little CJ for a month or 2 so I bet battery is dead, dead, dead.
    Although for Flag Pole I don't need a Jeep, I could take my Venture van. LOL
    Central Virginia Jeepers
    Last count have 3 Jeeps. A CJ, TJ & a XJ. Also got a ChevYota.
    Gotta have a backup for the backup when you drive a Jeep.
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