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Thread: AMP hill camping/trail cleaning 5/30-31st.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tippyman View Post
    That trail was exhausting to make, and I think you breaking your rig was the real motivation to finish it! Without finishing the trail we couldn't get it out!
    Oh I think I would have gotten it out but maybe not completely under its own power. A little winching, a little pulling, a little cross country wheeling though the woods, I would have gotten it out. LOL
    It was kind of nice to be able to cover the remainder of the trail in 2-wheel drive to get it back to the trailer. For that reason alone it was nice to finish up the "maintenance".
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    Making this new trail made me realize just how much stuff is right there within arms reach. Just gotta cut to it.

    Maybe once it cools down we can make some more but it was a little hot for that crap. The potential is there for much more, though.
    - Tim
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