Rock Crawlers for the Preservation of Future Access (RCPFA)

Welcome to the Rock Crawlers for the Preservation of Future Access (RCPFA).

Since its inception, Rock Crawlers for the Preservation of Future Access (RCPFA), has had a primary mission to work towards preserving access for the current and future generations of rock-crawling enthusiasts. Our key purpose is to provide recreational, social, and educational activities for our membership and to participate in and support civic and environmental activities for the betterment of the broader community. Our charter and By-laws spell this out clearly. Which leads us to the future access concept - by supporting and participating in these types of activities, we hope to ensure continued access to properties for the purpose of enjoying the sport and nurturing enthusiasm and responsible attitudes in the future generation of rock-crawling enthusiasts.

We have been successful in that endeavor for several years, but, recently, due to some misconceptions of those outside the rock-crawling community whom we have failed to reach with our message, our access to a piece of property in Crozet has come under fire. We are dedicated to working to keep this property accessible for club activities and events. In order keep our presence in Crozet, a community we have come to embrace and that has embraced us, it will take more than the resources we currently have at our disposal. Unlike the broad expanses of public land available for rock crawling enthusiasts on the West Coast, the Crozet property is one of the few areas of central Virginia available for enthusiasts. We frankly will need your support to help with the legal, promotional, and other associated fees in order to make this effort successful.

Right now there are two ways you can help support our efforts:
· Sign up to one of the new membership plans (more details are forthcoming), or
· Donate directly to the RCPFA "Save the Crozet property" defense fund

If you are interested in donating to help support this cause, please simply select the amount you would like to donate from the drop-down list (or write in any amount you prefer), then simply click on the “donate” button and you'll be taken to PayPal to complete your donation.

Thank you for your current and continued support of RCPFA and the sport itself – all of us together can make a difference!

Illegitimi non carborundum

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